The Spiritual Understanding in the USA, South Africa, Canada, UK, and World Wide.

The Spiritual Understanding in the USA, South Africa, Canada, UK, and World Wide.


Mama Beho call/whatsapp +27657387981/)))MAMA BEHO & DR PATONG.
The ability of beho to stand apart from the passing of time provides a bridge across time. This allows
the investigation of signs and indications and the delivery of premonitions and predictions. Individuals can
use these insights and divinatory revelations to find their way through life’s mysteries, guided by ancestral
African shamanic clairvoyance.*

As a medium, Kader makes psychic connections through the vast spiritual realm. This Sorcerer-priest uses his
occult skills as a medium to interact with the universe of the deceased, located in the afterlife, employing
spectral encounters. These magical, psychic powers then open the doors of truth for those who seek self-knowledge and
spiritual understanding.*

The Light of the Medium
As a clairvoyant African sorcerer priest,
beho has special contact with the world of
spirits. His third eye allows him to see the
invisible in the temporal realm. With this
perceptive power, the marabout communicates
in the afterlife and has access to divinations
and revelations.*
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The supernatural occult
abilities of mama beho
shatter evil forces and protect
against evil spells. African
shamanic sorcery draws its strengths
from the worship of nature and belief
in God. Maraboutage offers protective
spells, deliverance, and removal of enchantments.*

The mama beho is an ancestral
shaman who can heal bodies and minds
because of his special powers. Its
magical spiritual action on the
vital energy of its patients is
an unconventional therapy which
combats everyday ailments to
suppress symptoms and restore
good health. *

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