Medicine Man Astrologer in Angola, Africa.

  (((+27630687324)); a great son of the soil and the son of the spirits.the greatest herbalist, Inyanga, Sangoma, Psychic healer, Shaman, spirit medium and a spiritual healer the world ever portrayed. He is anointed by the spirits themselves and trained by the spirits to offer a well pleasing service to the people in need of his traditional works.
  He is Top of the all Powerful  traditional healers, the herbalists, Psychic healers, Shamans, Inyangas, Sangomas, spirit mediums and fortunetellers use ancestral spiritual powers to heal and solve sicknesses. He uses strong and very-very strong spiritual powers and African unique and powerful magic spells.
    Uses fresh herbs / remedies just sourced from the bush and different forest which comprise of assorted herbs which are / have been researched worldwide. He is a world renowned traditional healer.
    Removing bad luck
Bad luck is something very ugly in a person’s life; it hinders every good thing to take place in life, incidentally you find bad things befalling upon you.
Gives lucky charms
Each and every person on this planet Earth needs lucky, without lucky it means you are unlucky or you have the opposite; bad luck. Luck can be there in a person but if it is just numb doing nothing, it is useless; so I give lucky charms for people’s things to happen.
Stop jealousy
Marriage spells
Divorce cases
Pregnancy difficulties
Negativity in life
Get your job back
Spirits to make you wealthy and strong
Fight evil craft
Removes evil, bad spirits and witches’ spells in houses
Solving demonic energy
Menstruation pains and problems in general
Promotion at work
Court case
Financial problems.
Bad financial magic presented as the good one
Sell your property or what so ever fast
Binding cars, houses, people’s bodies, businesses, churches, political organizations and other structures
Stresses, body pains and some long illness
Eliminating Satanism

I cast these foreign spirits away; people have a tendency of calling all evil Satanism. I personal believe from an African perceptiveness that this so called Satanism is witchcraft nothing else. If not, that would mean that the missionaries imported another kind of witchcraft that is fatal from their lands overseas to use it to turn the sons of Africa against one another. Remember our ancestors did not have problems such as Satanism; so I won’t I will only kick the hell out of it. I cast away all those spirits.

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