Join Illuminati in Mamelodi,


How to join the illuminati
1. You will be directed on how to pay your Illuminati Membership Registration Fee of US$200.
2. After payment of Registration Fee; the Registration Form will be sent to you by Email.You will download the form,fill it and then submit it back to us on Email. NB:The Registration form contains some questions that we need you to answer with honesty.

3. Arrangements will be made to meet you, personally, to discuss Illuminati.
4. A committee of members from the Lodge, which are called the Investigative Committee, will contact you to arrange a meeting.
They will answer any questions you may have. If the meeting is mutually satisfactory; you will be asked if you wish to fill out a petition form
5. The Investigative Committee performs inquiries of others as to your character.
6. Your request for membership will be balloted upon by the lodge’s members.
7. You will be advised of the date of your admission.

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